2017: My upcoming year of adventures

So… I quit my job.

Probably best to start with that. While I’ve had a fantastic four years in my job, I felt it time for a change. And no, not a change of job… You might have noticed, either from speaking to me or from the not-so-subtle tweets and posts, that I’ve been making plans for awhile. While I’ve made sweet progress, those plans are – ridiculously – still not finalised.


Well, for a number of reasons, actually.

Firstly, I have the pathetic non-problem of wanting to do fifty different things and jumping from one idea to another until my head explodes. In other words, I have too many options and opportunities. I told you it was pathetic.

Secondly, there’s the nerves. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not usually one to worry. In general – I’m pretty laid back about most things. But then again, I’ve never quit my job for my own self-indulgent whims. While I’ve been working my notice I’ve constantly been tossing up whether to rescind my resignation and carry on doing what I know.

Finally, I’m actually pretty happy with what I’ve got going on. I’ve got a flat, I had a decent job, I’ve traveled to over 30 countries in the last 2 years and I’m with the (thankfully) ever-understanding MP. It’s pretty hard to justify wanting to make changes.

But alas, a change is coming.

A very exciting one. And while the details aren’t yet confirmed – as soon as they are, I’ll gladly share them.

There is one thing that you can be sure of…

2017 is the year of the adventure!


That’s right, I’m going to fill the next year (at least) with as many adventures as I can. Be they small micro-adventures (thanks Al Humphreys) or larger grand adventures. And as always, I’ll combine them with my love of story-telling to hopefully bring you all along for the ride.

So – what type of adventures am I going on? The details are pretty hush hush (or non-existent), but I can tell you this. I want them to be largely man powered and I want to see the places inbetween. I want to see the places that most people miss. I want to really get to know the country I’m in or the countries I’m moving through. And, as with pretty much everything I do, I want to show you how affordable it is to experience everything the world has to offer. Therefore, as awesome as I’m sure it’d be, I won’t be paying thousands and thousands to be flown into the North Pole or to climb Everest (nothing to do with my lack of ability, of course). I’ll be doing it cheap – it also means I can keep going for longer.


What now?

I’ve got one week left at work. I’ve also got my graduation at the end of the month (which I should definitely go to – I was travelling through Scandinavia during my last one). And then, at the start of February, I’ll set off on the first of my larger adventures. Until then… let’s see what micro-adventures the UK has to offer!

P.S. I kicked off my ‘year of adventures’ in the best way I could imagine today. Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to write it up.


7 Comments on “2017: My upcoming year of adventures

  1. Excited to see what some of your micro-adventures will be! We also have big travel plans on the horizon, but like you, can’t share them yet due to details being unconfirmed….so we know how you feel!

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  2. Thinking about human powered transport on the cheap: Have you ever considered buying a cheap second hand bike at your destination, and then selling it at the end of the week/month/trip. It’d avoid the annoyingly high hire costs and the worry of having to return it to the same city you got it.

    It’s an idea I’ve been toying with for a while – but failed to get on with last year and I’m not brave enough to go cycle round Europe on my own in winter!

    Good luck with you adventures 🙂

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    • Cheers for the comment Alex. A year or so ago, I put in a ridiculous amount of overtime and used the proceeds to buy a touring bike. This will definitely feature in some of my upcoming adventures. (Alas, I would have to keep it at the end of a trip – but most bikes can be packed down into a luggage size box if I wanted to fly back).

      Stop toying with the idea and make the leap and do it. Good luck!


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