Small Islands, Big Walk: La Graciosa (not the GR131)

If you read my last post, you’ll know that my first night in the Canary Islands was spent wrapped up in my bivvy on sunset beach on the beautiful island of La Graciosa. (In case you missed it, you can check it out here).

Just to reiterate how awesome of a campsite this actually was, here’s another picture…

Anyway, the next morning I woke up, slowly walked the few hundred metres into Caleto del Sebo, grabbed a snack from the bakery and a bottle of H2O from one of the Islands 2 small supermarkets and sat down with my map, trying to decide where to walk.

While the island is famous for its beaches, I wasn’t to fussed about seeing them – I’m going to be surrounded by golden (and black) sandy (and stony) beaches for awhile. Instead I settled on a walk around the base of Agujas Grandes, before making my way to Punta del Hueso, down through Pedro Barba (the only other settlement on the island) and returning along the coast to Caleto del Sebo. I’d complete this 15km walk in time to get the 3pm ferry to Orzola and begin the GR131.

That raises an interesting question. Why doesn’t the GR131 extend on to La Graciosa? (The GR131 is the 651km walking trail I’ll be following for the next few weeks). It isn’t because it reserves itself for the big 7 Canary Islands, as it extends to Lobos off the north of Fuerteventura. It certiantly isn’t because La Graciosa lacks diversity, natural beauty and interesting trails to wander down. Based on the evidence presented in this post (the few pictures that are coming) I’d petition that the GR131 should be extended to La Graciosa in the near future. Thank you.

Now, as for the evidence, feast your eyes on this:

I hope you didn’t come here expecting shade. There isn’t any. Anywhere.

Yep, I can’t see any.

Even though I spent about an hour watching the waves crash on the eastern shore (and a couple of presumably amateur fisherman struggle intensely), I was back with plenty of time before the 3pm ferry. A ferry that I still missed. Why? Because I valued a cold water shower and a chance to wash my shirt over leaving on time. Bloody unimportant personal hygiene.

Rookie mistake, especially since the hour difference contributed towards my poor choice of camp that night. More on that later, when I write about my first couple of days on the GR131.

Until next time.

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LA Graciosa, A Walk Worth Taking


28 Comments on “Small Islands, Big Walk: La Graciosa (not the GR131)

  1. What a barren place! I don’t know how many days I can last there! Definitely challenging to adventure seeking traveler spirit! The beaches are welcoming! 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Jumping in the sea is exactly what you want after a day hiking. There’s some absolutely stunning beaches there too.


  2. Looking forward to hearing about your full trek of the GR131 soon … what an epic adventure. La Graciosa seems like a great place to chill out before starting the hike. That said if you’re making a mini trek with no shade before hand maybe it’s a good place to warm up instead of relax lol 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve finally got around to writing about the first 70 or so kilometers. La Graciosa was definitely one of the highlights.


  3. Wow, what a great adventure – amazing sunlight, unobstructed views, stunning coastline and spectacular ocean – except no shade (nope, I can’t see any too) 😛 @ knycx.journeying


  4. La Graciosa looks stunning, – nice chill place to start your epic walk. It is odd that it has been excluded from the GR131 but great that you still got to do it. Not sure about the no shade part – did you even have a hat? I don’t think just one bottle of water would have been enough for me.


    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s a great place. I almost wish I had planned to spend a week there. It had good weather, good food and barely any people. Absolutely ideal. P.S. I did have a hat – but poor packing meant that it was at the bottom of my pack and didn’t make an appearance until the following day!


  5. That’s a tough hike with no shade I don’t envy you the walk, and I hope you found a better camp the following night after missing the ferry.


    • Thanks! The following nights camp was the worst (or… ‘most adventurous’) of the whole trip. I’ve written about it in my latest blog. 🙂


  6. Wow, beautiful landscape. I’ve heard there are some great hiking trails in the area. I’d love to visit The Canary Islands and check but for now, I’m following your adventure.


    • Thanks for the comment. You should definitely check it out. Some of the islands are out of this world – it’s like Jurassic Park. Away from the tourist resorts, of course!


  7. I absolutely love the first photo. Such a stunning view. Looking forward to reading about your days on the GR131.


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  9. What a beautiful coastline, golden sands and amazing views…enjoyed the pictures and reading about your adventure. Looking forward to reading about the GR131.

    Liked by 1 person

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