About Me

I’m Anthony from the UK. I’m a budget traveler and author of the You Bloody Tourist blog.

I have an insatiable desire to get out and experience the world. The journeys I take are driven by a love of exploration, adventure and escape, while this blog is driven by my love of writing and storytelling. When I started writing the long-expired first version of this blog, most of my travels were budget trips across Europe. I wanted to show people that you didn’t need to have thousands in the bank to break up the monotony of routine. I will continue to write articles about these trips, hopefully inspiring you to do things or go to places you may not have previously thought about.

Over the last couple of years I’ve desired something a little different.  I wanted to go on an adventure. The problem was, I was not entirely sure what I meant by adventure or what I wanted to do. All I knew is that I wanted to do something which pushed my boundaries, was largely human-powered and allowed me to visit ‘the places inbetween’. I achieved something along these lines in February-March 2017 when I walked a thousand miles across the Canary Islands.

Here’s my disclaimer: I’m not an authority on anything really. There are far more informative, experienced and better written blogs out there. That being said, I hope I can offer something. I believe a lot of people live in unhappy circumstances and are unwilling or unsure how to change their situation. I also believe that travel, adventure and constantly changing horizons are great tools to do this. Hopefully this blog can help you on your way.

Durmitor NP, Montenegro

Where did it all begin?

I guess it started in 2012 when I went to study in Australia. I use the word study loosely, since I spent the majority of the 13 months I was there on the road. Before then I’d only been out of the UK twice and never out of Europe. It was here that the travel bug bit me. I came back from Australia with absolutely no money – goodbye savings – yet I had a lot of memories and the desire to see the rest of the world.

I spent the next 3 years trying to get out of the UK as often as possible, for as cheap as possible. I ended up travelling to over 35 countries, including spending a month in New Zealand and another in Morocco. This was all entirely self-funded while completing my bachelors, masters and working full time. It’s all about priorities: Travel is possible and accessible for those with the desire and dreams.

When I started travelling I was ticking countries off a list, but now I would happily return to the places I love over and over again. Whereas I use to travel fast, aiming to see as many sights as possible, now I’m far happier taking it slow and really getting to know somewhere. Now when I first arrive somewhere new I prefer to get lost, rather than to head to the top tourist attraction. I don’t have much wisdom to impart, but I hope the tales of my travels and adventures can help you realize your own. If not, at least I’ll have a cool digital diary to return to in a few years.

And now?

As I’ve already said. I want adventures. But now, I want to see exactly what is possible while working the 5 day grind and basing myself in one place. I’m not entirely domesticated, but I’m happy with life and want to infuse it with my desire to travel. Stay tuned.

Guide Falls, Tasmania. Australia

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