Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe.

Fact. Boom. Done. End of discussion.

Okay, allow me to elaborate…

Budapest has got a fascinating history, incredible architecture and a brilliant location (right on the Danube).
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I’m not suggesting that people don’t know where Slovenia is (although I have heard a fair few people confuse it for Slovakia). What I am suggesting however, is that most people don’t realise it’s beautiful diversity. As far as European countries and European capital cities go, Ljubljana is one of the best kept secrets. Read More

People often ask me which is my favourite country in Europe and without hesitation, I usually say Montenegro. It’s absolutely stunning. For so, so many reasons. Although it’s a small country, one of the smallest in Europe in fact, it has so many beautiful places and a fascinating history too. Although, I’ve only been to Montenegro once, I have been longing to return every since.

It’s not as well-known as it’s neighbour, Croatia. But that’s one of it’s main selling points. Whereas the popularity of Croatia has exploded, leading to the old town’s of Split and Dubrovnik becoming swamped with tourists, Montenegro has not… yet. It has many of the same features as Croatia. It’s got it’s own stretch of Adriatic coastline, beautiful walled towns, mountains stretching to the sea, mystical islands and magnificent national parks. It’s even got the second deepest canyon in the world – after the Grand Canyon. It’s cheaper than Croatia too (and your budget will be helped by the fact that nature is free to enjoy). Honestly, what more could you want from a country?

While I plan to write a few blogs on Montenegro, because I honestly have so much to say and re-living the adventure will spur me onto buying a return flight, this post will feature some of the highlights of my trip, to provide a taste of exactly what you’re missing out on by not venturing into Montenegro. Enjoy.

St. Mark's Fortress, Kotor

Top 5 places to visit in Montenegro:

1. Kotor

An incredibly beautiful UNESCO town with a bustling old town and charming harbour located on the Gulf of Kotor. You can climb a few thousand steps up Kotor’s walls for an incredible view over the town. If you want to read more about Kotor, stay tuned for my upcoming blog!

2. Perast

Another UNESCO town – except this is one that you cannot take cars into. It’s only a few kilometers down the road from Kotor, but it’s got a very unique charm. While you can get proper boat tours out to the Our Lady of the Rock island, it’s much more fun (and much less money) to have some 15 year old local take you over in their barely seaworthy boat.

3. Cetinje

It’s just over the mountain from Kotor and is the former capital of the country. It’s a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and a great place to spend a few hours. It’s also got one of the coolest characters I’ve met travelling – the singing, dancing, horseshoe and cattle-bell making blacksmith.

4. Lovćen National Park

This is a place that’ll take your breath away. Aside from the dramatic mountain landscape, dominated by Mount Lovćen, you need to climb the many, many steps to Njegos Mausoleum on the national parks second highest peak. The top affords you incredible views across the majority of the country – the restaurant at the bottom is not a bad place to stop for a beer either.

5. Durmitor National Park

Even for those who do make it to Montenegro, few people venture to the north of the country; to Durmitor National Park. This is a massive shame as it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in Europe. It was enhanced by our stay in the spare room of a local elderly women who spoke absolutely no English and her friendly son. You’ve not only got incredible views from the road, but you’ve also got the stunning Black Lake, breathtaking Tara Canyon (the second deepest canyon in the world) and the impressive Tara bridge too. I will return. I have to.

If this blog isn’t enough to entice you into visiting this beautiful country, then please check out what else I’ve written on Montenegro. You can decide for yourself whether or not it is, as I could easily argue, the best country in Europe.

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If you read my last blog, you’ll know that after an interesting few days on Fuerteventura, I’d covered the first four sections of the GR131 walking trail, ending in Betancuria at the end of the final day.

It’s from here that I resume my story.

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This blog features as part of my 900km+ walk across the Canary Islands. Click here to read more.

After a days rest in Playa Blanca, I couldn’t wait to be moving on. While this trip has always intended to show that there is more to the Canary Islands than tacky tourist resorts – there still are tacky tourist resorts and Playa Blanca is one of them. Therefore it was with a feeling of excitement that I boarded the ferry and headed for Corralejo, on the northern coast of Fuerteventura. It was from here that I planned to pick up the island-hopping GR131 which crosses the entire length of the island with around 160 kilometers of trail. This has been split into 9 sections which are recommended to take a day each – this blog will discuss the first four of those sections. I hope you enjoy. Read More

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I wrote this while curled up in my bivvy yesterday morning, waiting for the sun to come up:

With a trip like this, not everything can be expected to go to plan or run smoothly. The sooner that I accept that, the more enjoyable this trip will be. Read More

I’ll have to keep this brief. I’m currently hurtling along on my train to Birmingham Airport, where I will be spending the night before embarking on my first adventure of 2017 – Small Islands, Big Walk (yeah, I couldn’t think of a better name than that). Read More

I’d heard lots of things about Malta, not all of which were positive, before we decided to make it our winter escape in February 2016. Some family friends had raved about it, making the beautiful Mediterranean island their yearly holiday destination of choice. Others had a far less pleasant things to say about Europe’s 5th smallest country, describing it as overcrowded, over-urbanized and rather dull. Never willing to let someone else decided my mind for me, I convinced MP it would make a decent week away and booked a February trip to escape the chilly UK weather. Read More

It might seem strange that my first post on Florence is about the Pope. I could of written about Il Duomo, Galleria degli Uffizi, Galleria dell’ Academia or Ponte Vecchio, but nope. I chose to write about the Pope. Why? Because it’s the fucking Pope, man. I’m not Catholic. Hell, I’m not even religious (is it obvious?). But with over 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, this dude’s a pretty big deal. And since he was the reason I couldn’t visit Il Duomo or move freely through the streets of Florence, I thought I might as well see what all the fuss is about. Read More

It was back in April 2016 that I first decided to visit Slovakia, a relatively small country in Central Europe. Slovakia’s capital Bratislava, I feel, has been largely overshadowed by the nearby more popular cities of Vienna, Budapest and Prague. This means it’s rather off the beaten path for most European travelers. Read More

“Zagreb? Why? Croatia is all about the Dalmatian Cost!”

Yes, the coast is stunning. I won’t argue with that.
And Dubrovnik, although brimming with tourists (and the accompanying army of umbrella holding tour guides), is a must-see location.But while everyone crams themselves in to Dubrovnik’s tiny old town (think Venice, in summer, on steroids – at least Venice is a bit bigger, has a bit more of a local population and can be quiet if you get yourself lost enough), Zagreb is often overlooked completely. That, in my opinion, is a massive injustice. Read More

Being the cliched individual that I apparently am, I wanted to kick off my year (at least) of adventures in symbolic fashion. Yesterday, that’s exactly what I did – with my very own microadventure to climb Kinder Scout in the Peak District. Read More

So… I quit my job.

Probably best to start with that. While I’ve had a fantastic four years in my job, I felt it time for a change. And no, not a change of job… You might have noticed, either from speaking to me or from the not-so-subtle tweets and posts, that I’ve been making plans for awhile. While I’ve made sweet progress, those plans are – ridiculously – still not finalised.


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As I’ve previously written about the 2.5 days that I spent in Kraków, I thought it about time that I did the same for Poland’s capital city, Warsaw. Let me set the record straight (and incite a riot) at the beginning. If you only have time to visit one Polish city, I’d head to Kraków. It just edges it for me in terms of architecture, atmosphere and proximity to day-trip locations. Read More

At the end of last year I reflected about how lucky I had been, having traveled to 18 different countries in 2015.Although I prioritise and self-finance all my travels and practically live paycheck to paycheck in order to make them a reality, I’m still extremely fortunate to have the luxury of being able to spend my time and money doing what I’m passionate about – exploring the world. Read More

If you only have time to do one thing in Croatia, there’s a choice to make. If you’re a lover of history, architecture and crowds of people – head to Dubrovnik. However, if you’re a lover of waterfalls, natural beauty and crowds of people – head to Plitvice Lakes National Park. Hopefully you have time to do both. Read More

Note: The photos in this blog (all taken in wet, grey and windy weather) do not do the city justice.

I recently read another bloggers post that argued that Kraków was overrated. I disagree. Firstly, if I asked a group of my friends for a list of the top 10 cities in Europe, I don’t think many of them would include Kraków on that list. Secondly, it’s a cheap, fascinating, beautiful city, that’s easily accessible and has less of the drawbacks that befall other cheap destinations (well… I saw a lot less stag do’s than usual…). It’s not rated as highly as it deserves to be. Read More

Lisbon is one of my favorite cities in Europe and thankfully it doesn’t have to be too expensive to escape to for a few days. I spent 6 days there last year and kept costs down to around £200, including flights and accommodation. Yeah, really.

We flew to Lisbon from London for about £40 return and we managed to find ourselves a private en-suite right in the heart of the city for under £8 a night – you could probably do this cheaper if you wanted to stay in a dorm. That’s under £80 for 5 nights in the beautiful capital of Portugal. While I wont give you a breakdown of exactly how I spent the rest of my budget (because, um, I don’t remember), I will gladly tell you about some of the free (or very cheap) things that Lisbon has to offer.
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When I visited Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau last year, I wrote the following:

While it was an educational experience, it wasn’t an enjoyable one, nor one that I wish to repeat. However, it was an experience that I believe everyone should have. Learning about the past is the only way to ensure it isn’t repeated and that couldn’t be more important than in the case of the Holocaust. This is the only picture I’m willing to upload from today. Not because I believe it is disrespectful, as images are hugely powerful educational tools, but because there are no photos that can do justice to the amount of terror and despair that the 1.5 million people within this camp went through. That being said, I was not comfortable watching people smile and pose for photos or take selfies next to gas chambers or prisoner barracks. “For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity”. Read More

Early last year I spent 4 days in Barcelona, Spain.

And while I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, looking back on things, I feel like I’ve never actually been there at all. I’m not sure why this is. It’s possible it’s because I was in a state of saturation when I visited, at least as far as European cities were concerned. Optimistically, I like to think it’s more likely because Barcelona is a city with so much to offer that it’d take weeks, months, years to truly experience it and four days just isn’t enough. Either way, I think I need to return. Read More