When people use to ask me what’s my favourite country in Europe, I always use to say Montenegro. It’s absolutely stunning. For so, so many reasons. Although it’s a small country, one of the smallest in Europe in fact, it has so many beautiful places and a fascinating history too. Although, I’ve only been to Montenegro once, I have been longing to return every since. Read More


Montenegro is small. Real small. In fact, it’s half the size of Wales. Yet it’s packed with so much beauty and diversity. It’s honestly got everything you could want. It’s got rugged mountains, Venetian-style red-roofed towns, beautiful beaches,mystical islands, tiny remote villages and so much more.That being said – there are few places in the country that are more spectacular than the city of Kotor.

What’s so great about Kotor?

Located on the Bay of Kotor, it has a beautiful stretch of water on one side and a rugged mountain backdrop dotted with fortifications on the other. The town itself has quiet cobbled traffic-less streets, piazzas, charming architecture and an incredible atmosphere. And what’s more… It doesn’t feel engulfed and distorted by tourism in the way that Budva does. It’s the perfect place to spend a couple of days. Read More