As I’ve previously written about the 2.5 days that I spent in Kraków, I thought it about time that I did the same for Poland’s capital city, Warsaw. Let me set the record straight (and incite a riot) at the beginning. If you only have time to visit one Polish city, I’d head to Kraków. It just edges it for me in terms of architecture, atmosphere and proximity to day-trip locations. Read More


Note: The photos in this blog (all taken in wet, grey and windy weather) do not do the city justice.

I recently read another bloggers post that argued that Kraków was overrated. I disagree. Firstly, if I asked a group of my friends for a list of the top 10 cities in Europe, I don’t think many of them would include Kraków on that list. Secondly, it’s a cheap, fascinating, beautiful city, that’s easily accessible and has less of the drawbacks that befall other cheap destinations (well… I saw a lot less stag do’s than usual…). It’s not rated as highly as it deserves to be. Read More

When I visited Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau last year, I wrote the following:

While it was an educational experience, it wasn’t an enjoyable one, nor one that I wish to repeat. However, it was an experience that I believe everyone should have. Learning about the past is the only way to ensure it isn’t repeated and that couldn’t be more important than in the case of the Holocaust. This is the only picture I’m willing to upload from today. Not because I believe it is disrespectful, as images are hugely powerful educational tools, but because there are no photos that can do justice to the amount of terror and despair that the 1.5 million people within this camp went through. That being said, I was not comfortable watching people smile and pose for photos or take selfies next to gas chambers or prisoner barracks. “For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity”. Read More